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We get a lot of questions from our customers. Here we have compiled the most common questions with answers. Hopefully the answer to your question is here. Otherwise, you are of course welcome to contact us with your questions or comments.

The only document you need to be able to buy a property in North Cyprus is your passport.

No, you need to hire a lawyer registered in North Cyprus to handle your transactions and carry out the necessary formalities. Most of the well-known lawyers have offices in Kyrenia and speak English and are used to dealing with foreign clients. If you cannot be present when the purchase contract is signed, you can leave a power of attorney to your lawyer so that he/she can complete the purchase for you.

It is not necessary to open a bank account in North Cyprus, but it can be useful for transferring money from abroad, arranging payment of various bills, etc. Most well-known banks in North Cyprus offer all the usual banking facilities and have English-speaking staff.

According to current legislation (2021), non-TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) citizens have the right to buy up 5 dönüm land (6690 m2) in one name.

According to current legislation (2021), non-TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) citizens have the right to own a property in one name.

Yes, according to current legislation (2021), husband and wife may each buy a property.

When buying a property in North Cyprus and as a first-time buyer, you pay 8.5% tax. Within 21 days of signing the purchase contract, 0.5% of the purchase price must be paid as stamp duty. The remaining amount consists of 5% VAT and 3% title tax, both must be paid after your purchase permit has been granted and the title is transferred to your name.

  • Stamp duty – 0.5%
  • VAT – 5%
  • Land registry tax – 3%

No, when your home is ready, you can take possession of your home and move in.

Detta beror på villkoren i ditt köpekontrakt. Som vanlig praxis hos våra saamarbetsadvokater försöker de alltid förhandla med säljaren om att infoga en klausul som gör att du kan sälja bostaden innan du får äganderätten.

This depends on whether you are an individual or a professional investor. Every private person has an opportunity to sell their property tax-free the first time. On each subsequent sale, you need to pay 3.5% profit tax, based on the fact that you do not sell more than three properties in the same year. If you sell more than three properties in a year, you are considered a professional investor and pay 6.25% profit tax.

There are generally three different types of title deed in North Cyprus;

  • Turkish title deed – Properties owned by Turkish Cypriots before 1974.
  • Exchange title deed – Properties that have been given to Turkish Cypriots in exchange for properties they left behind on the south side after 1974.
  • TMD title deed – Properties given by the authorities to Turkish Cypriots after 1974 to encourage return (not sold to foreign nationals).

North Cyprus has an area of 3,355 square kilometers which is about one third of the island of Cyprus. At its widest point it is approximately 104 km from east to west and approximately 52 km from the capital Nicosia (Lefkosa) on its southern border to the main tourist center of Kyrenia (Girne) on the northern coast.

If you want to travel to North Cyprus, you can choose to either arrive at Ercan (ECN) airport directly in North Cyprus or at Larnaca (LCA) in South Cyprus and cross the border on your way to the northern part of the country. Passengers traveling to Ercan (ECN) currently need to travel via Turkey.

TRNC stands for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is the official name for North Cyprus. The TRNC was established on 15 November 1983, 9 years after the island was divided in 1974 following conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Although many people believe that North Cyprus is part of Turkey, this is actually not the case. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is an independent country with its own parliament, laws and institutions. However, Turkey is the main sponsor of the TRNC and has historically provided financial support for infrastructure investment, defense spending, incentives and support from the private sector. The fact that the language, many banks and currencies in North Cyprus are the same as Turkey can give the impression that Northern Cyprus is part of Turkey

It is possible to ship personal belongings eg car, furniture etc. Keep in mind that cars and some electronic goods will be subject to quite high customs charges. Shipping companies can give you more information about this. There are several companies that offer shipping services to North Cyprus and we can provide their information to you upon request. Shipping costs are usually calculated in cubic meters.

You can bring pets to North Cyprus. However, the rules are very strict and must be followed. Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) website can give you more information about this.

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