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Facts about North Cyprus

Official name: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

State: Republic with democratically elected president and government.

Population: 327,000

Capital: Nicosia (Lefkosa)

Area: 3,355 km2

Coastline: 324 km

Language: Turkish and English

Currency: Turkish Lira, properties are sold in British Pounds

Traffic: Left hand traffic as in England

Industries/Employment: Tourism, food and beverage, casino, real estate, public sector, education, mining, agriculture.

Natural Resources: Copper, Citrus, Cereal crops, green fodder, olives, oil and gas under exploration, fresh water (from Turkey)

Cities: Nicosia (capital), Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzelyurt and Iskele

Religion: Moderate Muslim

Time zone: GMT+2

Electrical: 3-pin electrical adapters required (UK standard)

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