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Dishes in North Cyprus

The culinary culture of Northern Cyprus is rich and diverse, with influences from Turkish cuisine as well as local traditions and ingredients. Here are some popular dishes you can find in North Cyprus:

Köfte: Köfte are spiced meatballs made of beef or lamb. They can be served as part of various dishes or as a main course alongside bread and salad.

Meze: Meze is a traditional meal consisting of various small dishes served as appetizers. It can include vegetable dips, olives, cheeses, grilled vegetables, feta cheese, pickled vegetables, and hummus.

Kleftiko: Kleftiko is a traditional Cypriot lamb dish where the meat is slowly cooked in a clay oven with spices and vegetables until it becomes tender and juicy.

Halloumi: Halloumi is a famous Cypriot cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk. It has a unique texture that allows it to be grilled or fried without completely melting, making it a popular ingredient in many dishes.

Stifado: Stifado is a slow-cooked stew made of meat (usually beef or lamb) along with onions, tomatoes, spices, and sometimes wine or vinegar.

Moussaka: Moussaka is a baked dish typically consisting of layered sliced eggplant, potatoes, and minced meat, topped with a béchamel sauce and baked in the oven.

Baklava: Baklava is a traditional sweet dessert made of thin layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweet syrup or honey.

Shish kebab: Shish kebab are grilled meat skewers typically served with bread, tzatziki, salad, and sometimes even French fries.

These are just a few examples of the many delicious dishes you can enjoy in Northern Cyprus. The cuisine is often fresh, flavorful, and hearty, making it an integral part of Cypriot culture and identity.

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