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Climate in North Cyprus

The climate in North Cyprus is typical of the Mediterranean region and is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Here are some details about the climate:

Summers: Summers are hot and dry with average high temperatures ranging between 30°C and 35°C during the day. Sometimes the temperature can rise even higher, especially during July and August. The nights are usually pleasant with lower humidity. Sunshine is common during the summer months.

Winters: Winters are mild and humid, with average low temperatures ranging between 10°C and 15°C. Rainfall is common, especially during December to February. Snowfall is rare on the coast but can occur in the higher mountain areas.

Spring and Autumn: Spring and autumn are transitional periods with mild temperatures and stable weather. The days are still warm and sunny, while the nights can be a bit cooler.

Winds and Humidity: North Cyprus can experience strong winds, especially during the summer, which can reduce the feeling of warmth. Humidity is usually low, especially during the summer.

Sea temperatures: The Mediterranean becomes warm enough for swimming in the summer months, with sea temperatures usually between 22°C and 28°C from June to September.

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