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About Kyrenia

Like a pearl band, the charming harbor town of Kyrenia (Girne) spreads out farthest along the sea. With the typical nature of a city on the Mediterranean, Kyrenia has long been a center of tourism on the island.

Kyrenia Old Port

Getting to know the city on foot is excellent. At the bottom of the wide shopping streets one can find much lower prices than at home. If you turn off on one of the small charming side streets, you will find cozy cafés where you can settle down for a cup of Turkish coffee together with the locals.

The iconic harbor

If you continue walking you will sooner or later arrive at the city’s iconic harbor. Here boats are in all sorts of colors and rub themselves against each other in the sunshine. The horseshoe-shaped harbor, which after the break in the dark baths in the golden light of hundreds of lanterns, is the city’s natural gathering place. The restaurants have a wide range of culinary experiences, with everything from seafood to traditional Cypriot food such as the small dishes Meze and halloumiost. Here you can get both tuna and swordfish served to you directly from the sea.

Kyrenia’s historic castle

Granne med hamnen ligger Kyrenias historiska slott. Den stolta byggnaden som bär lämningar från långt tillbaka i tiden har ett museum där besökarna bland annat kan beskåda ett skeppsvrak av ett 2300 år gammalt handelsfartyg.

Kyrenia old castle


If you turn away from the sea you can see the vast mountain range Beşparmakbergen looking down towards the city. Right at the foot of the mountain, just east of Kyrenia, lies the genuine village of Bellapais, which, with its winding streets and homely atmosphere, attracts many visitors. The Bellapais medieval monastery is a must visit here.

Ballapais Abbey

Hilarion Castle

Hilarion Castle is another magical place to get acquainted with. At a height of 732 meters above sea level, the well-preserved ruins of what was once a castle extend to defend the coasts of Cyprus against pirate attacks. St. Hilarion Castle is a perfect destination for those who enjoy hiking in greenery. The uneven steps and the narrow paths can be quite demanding, so a good tip is to put on comfortable training shoes and to bring a lot of drinking water.

Hilarion Castle

With its pleasant climate, Northern Cyprus has become an obvious destination for golfers who can engage in their sport all year round. Korineum Golf & Beach Resort is located east of Kyrenia and offers eighteen holes in a lovely setting with stunning views of the green unspoilt coasts.

Around Kyrenia there are many beaches to choose from. Escape Beach, Oris Beach and Alagadi Beach are just some of them.

Escape Beach

There are many hotels to choose from, ranging from large casino hotels to smaller boutique hotels. If you are a larger company looking for accommodation, an alternative can be to rent a home. Many are so in love with the island that they choose to settle here permanently.

Cratos Premium Hotel
Lord Palace Sky Bar

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