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About Catalköy

Catalköy is everything you would expect from a traditional village in Cyprus with well-kept whitewashed houses and quiet streets. But the real beauty is its location, just 8 kilometers east of Kyrenia, close to the best beaches, entertainment and amenities.

Catalkoy has always been a very popular place for foreign holidaymakers and home buyers with its unique location, situated between the sea and the mountain range, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Alagadi Beach

Catalkoy offers relaxing life style sunshine where you can simply sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet. For those who prefer the sound of lapping waves on beaches, the dark sand and seclusion of the Karakum beach is just a few minutes drive to Kyrenia, or try the mountain pools and limestone sunsets at Lara Beach, just a few minutes drive east.

If you like beaches, water sports, fun atmosphere, good food and drinks on the beach, Acapulco Beach Resort is just 3 minutes away. Acapulco has one of the best beaches in Cyprus, with golden sand that gently slopes into the sea, idyllic for the whole family. This resort offers everything you need for a fun day out on the Mediterranean. Nature lovers should go to Alagadi beach, where rare greens and forest turtles dig their eggs deep into the golden sand.

Acapulco Beach & Resort

There are also plenty of adventurous sports in Catalkoy, including diving near Kyrenia, paragliding from the mountains and local riding on the Catalkoy stable.

Paragliding in Catalkoy

Catalkoy is perfectly located to the historic town of Kyrenia, just a 5-minute drive west. The historic and charming port city offers shopping at local craft shops or just enjoying a seaside lunch. In the evening, Kyrenia is filled with both locals and tourists spending time with a traditional Cypriot meal at the harbor.

Kyrenia old harbor

In Catalkoy city center there are two supermarkets and many local shops where you will find most of your daily needs. Here you will also find many good restaurants. The Lemon Tree serves excellent seafood, while the Mardin restaurant in the southern part of the village is popular with locals. Ani Restaurant specializes in fresh fish!

If you want a touch of glamor, spend a night at the nearby Cratos Premium Hotel or Malpas Hotel. These five-star hotels also welcome non-residents to their bars, terrace restaurants or casino or just dance the night away at the hotels nightclubs.

Cratos Premium Hotel & Beach Club

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